"Enabling people of the State to avail safe, efficient and affordable transport services with enhanced connectivity commensurate with the socio-eco development of the State."

The Transport Department is charged with the responsibility of looking after the functioning of J&K Motor Vehicle Department, J&K State Motor Garages and J&K State Road Transport Corporation. The department of Transport has a clear vision of providing quality services in the area of transport to the citizens of all the geographical locations at a reasonable and affordable cost and for this the department has adopted policies/programmes commensurate with the needs in various sectors of the economy. The department is making all efforts to improve the road safety and ensuring that only trained drivers and mechanically fit vehicles ply on the roads thus minimizing any chance of a road accident and pollution. The department is also keeping an eye on the increasing fare at which the private transporters tend to run commercial vehicles and for this State Transport Authority is saddled with the responsibility of fare fixation periodically in consultation with public representatives and private vehicle owners and thereby exercise control on otherwise demands for exorbitant increase in the bus fares.

All activities relating to decision making pertaining to Transport are being carried out in transport Secretariat. The administrative department issues Instructions, Orders, Notifications, Guidelines, etc. makes policies, spells out objectives to the field functionaries for the delivering of public services in an efficient manner. The following are briefly the main functions of the transport department.


  • Implementation of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Rules.
  • Framing of policies aiming at Road Safety and efficient transport management in the State.
  • To implement the schemes for computerization of the working of the Transport Department and safe keeping of records and quick verification system.
  • Data collection and analysis for an efficient management of transport system in the State.
  • Creating public awareness among Stake holders including Drivers, Motor Vehicle Inspectors, Checking Squads and general public in respect of Road Safety and passenger care.
  • Operation of Passenger Welfare Fund and quick response system for the benefit of affected people in road accidents.
  • Legal action/prosecution of cases registered against the violators of law, pertaining to violations of Motor Vehicles Act and Rules.
  • Collection of fees, fines, rates, taxes etc. in the course of performing of all the above functions.
  • Monitoring and review of utilization of funds, both plan and non-plan.
  • Evaluating the outcomes of schemes for their constant improvement.